Office Cleaning: 4 Tasks You Should Leave To The Professionals

Many businesses may task employees with basic cleaning duties. While small tasks are OK to complete and ideal for keeping areas tidy, in some cases it’s better to go with professional cleaning services. Janitorial companies can supply professional cleaners that keep areas clean and provide a thorough job in your office. When hiring these services, there are four specific areas Read More

Are Your Carpets Giving Your Dog Allergies?

If your dog scratches more than usual, sneezes uncontrollably or exhibits other strange behavior, and they don’t have fleas or ticks, you might have allergens in your home’s carpets. Although allergies are more common in humans, animals can also develop allergies to contaminants such as dust mites and mold. The allergies can eventually make your beloved pet sick. One of Read More

When Your Toddler Gets Tipsy With Their Sippy Cup: 3 Natural Solutions For Removing Juice Spills From Your Carpet

Your toddler most likely brings a great deal of joy and excitement to your life, but this age can require a lot of parenting patience. Considering that a large percentage of toddlers drink juice from a sippy-style cup, you may have experienced one or more spills out of their favorite cup onto your carpet and rugs. In these situations, you Read More

Can Steam Cleaning Help Kill Bed Bugs?

Although tiny in size, bed bugs are a big problem for many Americans. In fact, in 2011, one out of every five people either had an infestation or knew someone who did. Once in a home or commercial space, bed bugs can be tough to evict. However, steam cleaning may be one tool that can help you eradicate an infestation. Read More